About Us

We are family of technologists and art collectors specializing in discovering emerging artists. Celina Imielinska, Tomasz Imielinski and Konrad Imielinski. Celina with her life long interest in art inspired Tomasz and Konrad to develop Articker. Articker is a product of Art Data Laboratories LLC of which we are co-founding partners. Several years into the project, Articker has become the largest database of non-price information about artists in the world. Articker creates an alternative value system, called media index, which is complementary to opaque and infrequent pricing data.

In 2019 we entered exclusive partnership with the auction house Phillips. Articker is now a system used by Phillips specialists as well as visitors to Phillips.com via the Articker Bulletin and artist pages (coming soon). Phillips clients will soon be able to use a variety of functionalities of Articker. Phillips officially announced its partnership with Articker in August 2020 [Press Release].